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Website(s) of the Week: VegGuide & Happy Cow

I’ve got two websites for you this week, though both have the same types of information.

VegGuide, “Your Guide to Vegetarian Food and Shopping,” is a great site that will let you search veg*n friendly locations all over the world. It’s a great tool for those of you who are traveling and want to ensure that you find some great veg food on your trip. It’s also useful for finding locations in your own town that you didn’t know about before!

Happy Cow is much the same as VegGuide, except there’s a blog, recipes, and pretty active vegan commmunity. So it’s a more social way of finding great spots!

Vegan Break: Website of the Week

Every Monday there will be a new feature, Website of the Week.

Vegan Break is one of my new favorite sites. It’s also one of the only vlogs I really keep up with since usually my subscribed to videos on YouTube go ignored by me. Michelle’s also recently put up her Vegan College Guide which will be helpful for those of you at unfriendly-to-vegans-colleges (like me) or people trying to decide which school to pick. The best part about this blog/vlog is that all of Michelle’s videos are sort, so you won’t be stuck watching some 6-minute video. So check it out 🙂

Vegan Break

Vegan Break’s YouTube Channel

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