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Screw you again, PETA

Once again PETA has released a new State of the Union address video, and once again, they show just how great they are at objectifying women. Here it is:

In November 2009, Vegans of Color found a Craigslist posting looking for an “African American or Mixed-Race Vegan Actor Needed for PETA Video.” There was some discussion in the comments of that blog about whether it was a hoax or not. Well, we got our answer.

In the ad looking for an actor to play of the role, they wanted each applicant to send them a full-body photo of herself. I’m sure many agencies looking for actors do this, but it made me think about how PETA only uses women who are model-thin and conventionally beautiful. I’ve never seen a PETA ad containing nudity that used a woman who is more representative of real women. And while we’re talking about PETA and their role in unhealthy body image, here’s an ad from 2000 that still pisses me off:

One of the reasons I do not support PETA is that they do little to help animals. Their main mission seems to be to draw attention to themselves and do stupid publicity stunts, some of which have nothing to do with animals. George Clooney tofu anyone?

And… PETA hates fat people, as they showed in this billboard.

The animal rights movement could do just fine without PETA. Hell, we could probably do even better, since most non-vegs usually associate vegetarianism and veganism with crazy, ridiculous stunts because PETA receives so much publicity.

PETA needs a new tactic

I don’t think the people at PETA even know how to be active without resorting to nudity. I mean, when’s the last time you saw a PETA ad that didn’t feature naked or scantily clad women? I am by no means a prude, but using sterotypically beautiful naked women in order to advance a cause simply furthers the fact that it is okay for women to be used for their bodies. One of the main reasons I no longer support PETA is because I refuse to be associated with such an anti-feminist organization (and anti-fat too).

PETA has created some fantastic nudity-free ads in the past, and I’d like to see it again. Here’s the ad that brought about this post:

And here’s an older Joaquin Phoenix (!!) Thanksgiving ad:

Gets the same point across, minus the sexism.

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