Bamboo Rice

When I was at Amazing Savings on Friday, I found a few pretty cool things. First, I found some Hippie Chips that are spicy, salty, and crunchy perfection. I love these things, although I rarely find them. In the freezer section, they had a Tofutti frozen pizza – something I hadn’t seen in years. I used to eat them all the time, so I paid the $2.99 price tag for a bit of nostalgia. I promptly ate both for lunch after getting home, topping the pizza with a bit of broccoli and cock sauce.

But the best thing I found that day was bamboo rice. This is rice that is made with bamboo juice. I picked it up because of the beautiful, mellow green color of the rice.

This product is made by The Art of Spice, and to learn more I went to their website. Sadly, I couldn’t find even a single mention of this product, which leads me to believe it’s no longer being made or that it’s a seasonal product. According to the package,

This short-grain Chinese rice echoes the taste of green tea and is a perfect complement to summer salads, side dishes and any Asian-style cooking.

They aren’t kidding about the green tea taste. The rice turned out to be delicious, and kept its great color after cooking:

To go with the rice (and the corn) I made the Garbanzo Stew from Global Vegetarian Cooking.

Pretty nice, nothing incredible. My only complaint about that cookbook is that the portion sizes the recipes make are pretty small. I never remember to double the recipes, which I should because I really like having leftovers.