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CNN: Dog Meat

CNN: China might ban dog meat

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Anyone who refuses to eat dog or cat because it is “cruel” and yet will happily take a bite out of cow or pig, is a hypocrite. Cruelty is cruelty and suffering is suffering, regardless of how cute and adorable an animal is.

I hope that stories like this will get people thinking about where their food comes from, that a cow, chicken, pig, or duck is just as sentient and alive as a dog or cat. It’s time to stop eating meat, people!

EDIT: Sorry, I couldn’t get the video to embed properly. Just click the link to view the video.

Heartbreaking Pictures of Whale Slaughter

Yes, this is such a large slaughter that the water actually turns red
Yes, this is such a large slaughter that the water actually turns red

Over at (yay! for Earth First!), there are some striking and heartbreaking photographs of an annual whale slaugher in the Faroe Islands, Denmark. From the site:

“Ironically, this practice, called grindadrĂ¡p, is diminishing the population of 5,000 islanders. Many of them get sick and die from high mercury levels in the whales. Mentally retarded children are reportedly being born at alarmingly high rates.”

Please head over to Earth First’s blog and check it out. The pictures are hard to look at but a good example of how some tradition needs to be chucked out.

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