I’ve been developing my sweet tooth of late.

My dear sweet boyfriend’s birthday was August 10th, so the weekend after I wanted to make a nice dessert for him. I decided to make the smlove pie from Veganomicon because he’s a big peanut butter-chocolate person, and that pie is seriously decadent. I skipped the chocolate drizzle.

Smlove Pie

If you decide to ever make this, it’s super easy if you can find chocolate silken tofu. It’ll also be cheaper since vegan chocolate is pretty expensive.

Happy bday pie

A few days ago I made the cherry almond cookies from Vegan Cookies. Some of the best I’ve made, for sure. I didn’t use almond extract, so I just added extra vanilla extract.

As crazy as it makes me seem, I haven’t made many of the recipes from Vegan Cookies. So, any suggestions for what I should make next?