Geez, this is just going to influence the “but plants have feelings and you eat them” crowd. *sigh*

From Treehugger:

What does wheat want? That’s a question scientists in Switzerland have to ponder now that the country is mandating that geneticists conduct their experiments with consideration to a plant’s feelings, according to The Washington Post

In order to obtain government permission to do a field trial of genetically modified, fungus-resistant wheat, [Beat] Keller had to spar with university ethicists over wheter his experiment would impugn upon the plants’ dignity and then explain in a written application to the government why his experiment wouldn’t “disturb the vital functions of lifestyle” of the plant.

Wow. Usually I love Switzerland and their quite liberal government, but this goes a bit too far. I’m not an expert on plants, so I can’t 100% promise that plants don’t have feelings. It just seems really, really unlikely. No central nervous system, no brain or brain-like organ.

What do you think? Should this new Swiss law be extended, or are they taking it too far?