Today is the first day of Vegan Mofo, a month-long blogging frenzy centered around vegan food. There’s an incredibly long list of blogs participating, and I’m excited to be among them.

For today, I want to review a great vegetarian restaurant in Asheville, Green Light Cafe. It’s a fairly new restaurant, opening in 2010 in downtown Asheville. I’ve been there a few times, and each plate I tried was just as good as the others.

The atmosphere is chill and cozy. It’s rarely crowded, which I’ve never been comfortable about. I would love to see this restaurant crowded and business booming, but all the times I’ve been there it’s been slow. Hopefully it’s because I tend to go before or after main meal times; I really want to see this place succeed.

When you sit down you’re served this emerald-green water, which is made from chlorophyll. It tastes just like regular water, but the color is great to look at.

All the entrees are served with a house salad, which you can see above. This is the sesame peanut ginger dressing, which is delicious. The lemon tahini is also a good choice. I love the inclusion of sprouts and baby greens in their salads.

(Sorry about the blurriness – I was anxious to eat by now!)

I ordered the Thai Vegetable Crepe, which is “sautéed veggies and gingered baked tofu wrapped in a spelt flax crepe, topped with sesame peanut ginger sauce and served with rice.” It was delicious.

My boyfriend ordered what is without a doubt the best thing there: the Citrus BBQ Bowl. “Savory soy nuggets, coleslaw, and rice. Can also be wrapped in a wheat tortilla with dill aioli.” The soy nuggets are perfectly chewy and meaty, with a great BBQ sauce.

Green Light Cafe is located on Lexington Ave in downtown Asheville. Be sure to try it out if you visit. It’s just one of many delicious vegetarian/vegan restaurants in this amazing town. I’m sure my boyfriend and I will be going back again and again.

Aren't we adorable? 😉