I adore spring. Growing up, I always thought of autumn as my favorite season. Then I moved to the Appalachian mountains for college, and realized that Spring is the most amazing and beautiful time of the year. I’m lucky to have chosen a beautiful campus (although I’ll be transferring soon). Here’s a few pictures:
00210041006Yep, that’s me being my little treehugger self! Along with everything blooming, I got a nice little check from the school, which was awesome since I’ve had $6 in my bank account for almost 2 months. The best part is that I can actually buy food off-campus now! My school is horribly unfriendly to vegans, despite complaints to the food director. And the stores on campus are not stocked well at all since most of their products are junk food. I had the best time grocery shopping on Thursday, and picked up some vegetables, basic ingredients I’ve been lacking, some veggie burgers, and more. I just finished tonight’s dinner – steamed turnips and carrots, with a nice baby spinach salad.
003The only bagged salad the school sells is iceburg, so when I saw the baby spinach at the supermarket for under $3 I snagged it up. For some reason baby spinach always lasts me longer too. And the salad was yummers! Here’s the recipe:

Simple Baby Spinach Salad
Baby spinach, washed
Golden raisins
Sunflower seeds
Pumpkin seeds
Alfalfa sprouts
One slice of Tofurky deli-style meat
Balsamic dreassing

It’s pretty basic, and you can add anything. I couldn’t use my last tomato because I want to save it for the tabouli I’ll be making soon.

I’m already feeling better now that my diet consists of more than bagels, iceburg lettuce (with no veggies!), and minute rice.