Although I haven’t been posting much, I’ve definitely been cooking a lot. Those posts will follow this one, as well as posts from the food I ate while on vacation on the Outer Banks.

One of the reasons I’ve been neglecting this blog (as well as putting off stuff in my day-to-day life) has been because I feel lost. I don’t know what to do with myself.

I want to go to culinary school. At least, I think I want to go to culinary school.

I obviously love to cook, eat, and share the food I make. I mean, what’s more fulfilling than making dinner for someone and then having them rave about how good of a cook you are? However, I feel like committing 100% to the idea of culinary school is a big step.

I’ve never worked in a commercial kitchen. Yes, I enjoy cooking, but there’s a difference between cooking a small meal for people you love and cooking for huge crowds of people you’ve never met.

And since I’ve never worked in a kitchen, it’s very difficult to get hired. Especially when you don’t want to work with meat. I don’t want to commit to a $25,000 culinary school only to discover I hate restaurant-style cooking.

I’ve heard that some restaurants offer internships, and that’s something I’ll have to look into (there are a couple classy vegetarian restaurants in Asheville). In the meantime I plan on finishing my political science degree since I’m already done with four semesters. Why not? I miss education.

It’s incredibly stressful when you’re not sure what path you want to take in your life. I know I’m young and have time to figure stuff out, but at the same time I desperately want to know what my calling is.

Now that I’ve shared that, I can get back to food blogging. 🙂